Thursday, April 29, 2010

worth a thousand words.

i love perusing through the internet and stumbling upon photographers' blogs and websites. while i enjoy taking pictures myself and am a bit proud of my macro photography, i am amazed at how photographers are able to capture the atmosphere and feeling of a moment. From the composition, to utilizing the location, to being able to garner the right emotion from their subjects, i am always in awe. i only wish i could do the same!

here are a few examples of my work:

and here are two of my favorite sites:

so on days when i need inspiration or just an escape from my reality, i try and find new and interesting portfolios. if you know of any, share them please!


Tuesday, April 27, 2010

name evolution.

i think i've decided how to schedule my blogs:
  • "telling tuesday" where i will share a funny/informational tid bit about myself
  • "therapeutic thursday" where i will share something i love/find relaxing/etc.
  • then maybe sundays share what has happened the previous week/what i have coming up the next week. or just random posts... but for sure the tuesday thursday posts will happen!

so hooray for my first telling tuesday!

picture this:

second grade. music class. we're learning about syllables by saying our name and clapping with each corresponding syllable. it's going smoothly down the row: holly (two claps) nikole (two claps) heather (two claps) chelsey (two claps)... then it's my turn. i say my name and clap twice, making my name ba lair. this is when the teacher says, "oh no, honey. your name is ONE syllable: blair (one clap)".


i hated my name for years because of that day, and never told anyone of my trauma. in high school, i told my friends and family about this story. my mom felt guilty, i'm pretty sure meredith made fun of me, and my friends were shocked and reassured me that due to its single syllable, my name was really fun to say. this is where the evolution of my name took place, ranging from a drawn out bllaaaaaaaaaiiiiiirrrrrrrrr (think dory speaking whale in finding nemo) to blur.

the meaning of blair: in irish, the name blair means field or plain and also has celtic, scottish, english, and gaelic origins

i have grown to love my name, and all of its eccentric forms, and think it adds to my personality rather nicely.


Monday, April 26, 2010

i had this itch awhile ago to start documenting my life via blog... so here it is!

first, i feel i need to introduce some pretty important individuals that have greatly impacted my life:

  • my sister, best friend, and much more, meredith

  • next my sweet parents who thankfully made sure i always had my head on straight

  • next, a girl i feel truly blessed to know, my roommate of three years, whitney

  • finally, another roomie, sarah anne. "old married couple" would probably best describe our dynamic

i'll most likely be referring to them often, so i thought it fitting to introduce them at the start.

and now, a bit about me:

my junior year at baylor is coming to a close, and i think i'm getting cold feet about graduating. ALREADY - yikes. i think this is where the pinch to document developed.

so through this i'm hoping to share insights, because frankly sometimes i feel the world needs to know what i think, adventures, stories, etc. for a purely lighthearted motive. i hope you enjoy!