Tuesday, May 25, 2010

style me pretty

is quickly becoming my favorite website.
though marriage is no where in my near future, it provides such great inspiration for much more than just weddings.
hope you enjoy it as much as i do :)



Thursday, May 20, 2010

too soon?

i'm already planning my graduation trip.
though i don't particularly want to speed up the process, i'm pretty darn excited about a trip to VEGAS!(i've been once, but i was only 16.)
i'm not a gambler, but the many other experiences to be had are rather enticing.

Topping my list is the Richard Petty Driving Experience.
confession - i have a bit of a lead foot (i blame my dad)
unfortunately i don't know how to drive standard, so i can't drive the race car, but i'm going to ride shotgun :)
and this launched the idea of theme days, so here's what i have so far:
  1. if you're not first, you're last day - inspired by ricky bobby
  2. tacky college student day - think boat shoes, neon, and croakies
  3. geriatric day - fanny packs and mixed metallics required

any other ideas will be greatly appreciated!

i'm currently painting meredith and ted's new house. she willingly took the role of guinea pig, and let me design her living areas. it's the first time a design of mine will be implemented. a bit frightening, but kinda cool, too :)


Tuesday, May 18, 2010

it's official.
i want my life to have a soundtrack/be a part time musical.

i recently told my roommates for my next birthday, i wanted a surprise flash mob to perform a choreographed number to 'happy birthday'. they just looked at me : /
i know it is completely unrealistic, but it's hard not to dream when i have things like this happening in my life:

i was devastated when i missed this. just so happens, my jazz class got out early, otherwise i would have witnessed it.

then tonight on glee, artie danced in the middle of a mall. and everyone joined in. i know it's a tv show, but still...
is it too much to ask? wish for? dream about?

well, until it happens i guess i can just continue to hope :)

sunday i went antiquing with meredith and we found really amazing dining chairs. i'll post pictures later when they're delivered and then once i refinish them! i wish i had had a spare $600 to buy the set of Hepplewhite shield back chairs the store had. hopefully one day, i'll own a number of classic furniture pieces. first on my list is philippe starck's ghost chair:


Tuesday, May 11, 2010

i'll be hood forever.

confession: i love rap music.

please. hold your criticism.

i know it can be inappropriate and degrading, but all that aside, there is something infectious about the genius rhymes and incredible beats.
i admire rappers' confidence to be completely ridiculous and own it. the clocks, the grills, the obnoxious amount of jewelry. what person in their right mind would wear some of the stuff rappers do?
who else besides auctioneers can talk that fast? and with that cleverly insult people at the same time?
and on that note, who can do it off the top of their head, on the spot?

my hat's off to you rappers of the world.

with all that said... don't worry i still do thoroughly enjoy other, more classic art forms.


Thursday, May 6, 2010

sunday drive

What could be more therapeutic than being done with finals?
having a splendid dinner with my beautiful, amazing fellow interior design majors. they make it all bearable.
because i'm in SUCH a good mood, i'm going to share a number of therapeutic things :)

first up is Chili's Reggae Sunsplash (which i ordered tonight and was my best decision of the day):
made with - bacardi o rum, grand marnier, mango, orange juice, sweet and sour, and grenadine

next up is driving through central texas.

many people hate the drive between houston and waco, but i LOVE it.

my favorite parts are

  • the quaint town of calvert
  • the section of highway 6 just south of college station where there are tons of wildflowers
  • then dispersed throughout the drive, there are these perfect little ponds, some with small decks, at which i desperately want to spend an afternoon.

the last time i drove back and forth was by far the best yet. that night before there was a big storm, so that afternoon was absolutely perfect with piercing cloudless blue skies and bright sunshine. it took a lot in me to not turn down one of the random side roads and just drive to who knows where.

luckily, now that i'm done with finals, i get to enjoy the drive again tomorrow! :)


Tuesday, May 4, 2010

stop and smell the roses

oh wait... i can't.

my sense of smell is well ... fickle.

it's pretty bizarre. 95% of the time, i smell pleasant smells, while i can't smell unpleasant smells. this comes in handy sometimes, like when taking out the trash, because i don't smell a thing. {convenient}

other days i smell nothing, be it pleasant or not.

then... there was sunday march 28: the day that instantly added itself to my top 5 worst experiences of my life.

sarah anne and i were driving back from watching the elite 8 in houston and a wall of stank invaded my nose. i start gagging and, mortified, ask sarah what on earth is causing this reeking stench. she then informs me, that i have just experienced skunk.

whhaaaattt? whhhhyyyyy? what did i do to have to suffer this?

well, after about 20 minutes of stomach churning misery, we get a minute or two of relief. then, it happens AGAIN! and the cycle repeats FOUR TIMES.

it was tragic and was proclaimed "the worst smell day of my life".

so needless to say, i unfortunately got a lifetime's worth of skunk smell in one 3 hour car ride.
and here is picture documentation: