Monday, April 26, 2010

i had this itch awhile ago to start documenting my life via blog... so here it is!

first, i feel i need to introduce some pretty important individuals that have greatly impacted my life:

  • my sister, best friend, and much more, meredith

  • next my sweet parents who thankfully made sure i always had my head on straight

  • next, a girl i feel truly blessed to know, my roommate of three years, whitney

  • finally, another roomie, sarah anne. "old married couple" would probably best describe our dynamic

i'll most likely be referring to them often, so i thought it fitting to introduce them at the start.

and now, a bit about me:

my junior year at baylor is coming to a close, and i think i'm getting cold feet about graduating. ALREADY - yikes. i think this is where the pinch to document developed.

so through this i'm hoping to share insights, because frankly sometimes i feel the world needs to know what i think, adventures, stories, etc. for a purely lighthearted motive. i hope you enjoy!


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