Sunday, April 17, 2011

htrpmo - profession edition

how to really piss me off today? be and/or support this lady: she is a proponent of deregulation of the commercial interior design profession in florida, citing that regulation chokes competition and designers' freedom. please. first. you posed for a picture for the wall street journal wearing

i already don't trust your judgment/credentials/whathaveyou.

but honestly, to an extent, i understand not absolutely having to have a license to practice residential design, but commercial? really? the aim of the interior design profession is to protect the health, safety, and welfare of the public. you get someone not educated or experienced leading a project in a commercial space, there's a good chance they will select improper materials because they don't know/haven't studied codes/fire/ADA/etc guidelines. then, chances are, your building won't pass code inspection. if on the off chance it does pass, if disaster happens, the materials/furnishings/layout aren't going to help your cause or the people inside that have no idea you hired someone with no legitimate knowledge on the subject of designing a space.

i'm not sure how this lady's "organization" (the interior design protection council) got my email address, but she did. and she sent me, and i'm sure many other design students, an email directing me to her website to "learn the truth that they don't teach me in school". i gave her the "blair look". i then continued to read and saw that i could donate to the cause. i then laughed at her. again.

bologna. whatascam.

-a really worked up blur.

how to let karma come around and ruin chances of having any sort of love life

remember when i told y'all here about how the women in my family tend to be real ball busters? well i've been thinking about it lately. and i think i used it all up in my early years.
allow me to explain with a few examples:

i was proposed to. my best friend and i were on the playground, swinging, and this boy in my class came up to me and just layed it out on the line. i, of course, turned him down. i told him i was too busy. what i had going on i have no idea. what four year old says that?

5th or 6th grade:
a guy called me and asked me to be his homecoming date. i said no. then hung up the phone. again, who does that? AND i don't think i ever apologized.

to a douche guy my sister dated:
(i don't remember how old i was at the time)
i saw his name on the caller id one day and answered, "what do you want?" it could have easily been his parents, but apparently, i didn't care. another time, i answered the door, looked at him, then walked away. without saying anything to him. what?

so. i feel like karma has definitely come back around to bite me. not that guys are outright rude to me, like i was to them, but you know what i mean. and not that i at all feel that i need a guy to validate my life, i just think it's a funny circle, and i'd like to do this:

sorry donovan schreiber, marty kolat, daniel cooper, and whoever else i was bitchy to.


p.s. actually. i'm not sorry to daniel. i still think you're a douche.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

how to really piss me off - education edition

i know there are going to be numerous htrpmo posts, so i'm thinking it will be smart to categorize them.
my major, interior design, is unfortunately in the family and consumer sciences department at baylor. why? i don't know. while i fully support being well rounded and taking a variety of classes, i do not support borderline/full on MRS classes. there are a number of university required courses for my degree that have nothing to do with i.d.

my top three least favorites:

theories of family development

family and individual financial management


last semester i had to take theories. TERRIBLE. one day we talked about mate selection.

mate. selection.

ummm what? really? well i thought those days were gone. apparently not.

in financial management, we talked not only about mate selection and how that relates to financial decisions, but then watched scenes from the notebook. yes ladies and gentlemen, i am a senior in college and my professor is showing scenes from the notebook.
then today, we filled out a worksheet estimating costs for having a child, from the moment you find you're pregnant. ok. i get it. most of us in the class will have a kid at one point or another. but come. on. are you kidding me (no pun intended)? i just spent an hour discussing the pros and cons of buying maternity clothes? timing your pregnancies to coincide with the seasons so as to not have to buy more maternity clothes? using cloth or disposable diapers? what vitamins are good?

news flash.



this would be completely appropriate and highly suggested as a class/workshop for couples thinking about having a baby. since i am neither a couple nor thinking about having a baby, this activity is not applicable or appropriate.

to summarize: want to really piss me off? use my tuition money to "teach" me about selecting a husband and budgeting for a kid.


p.s. the real kicker? this activity will be continued on friday (yay!) because apparently one day just isn't enough.

Monday, April 4, 2011

how to look like a fool doing something you've done for roughly twenty years.

so i've decided to change up the format of my posts. i named my blog "blair's blueprints", so i find it fitting to do "how to" posts, with a twist. it'll be a trial thing to see how i like it. so if you like it/hate it/think it's a terrible idea/etc let me know.

I've been walking pretty reliably for i don't know, 20+ years. it's been successful thus far, with the occasional trip, face plant, etc. welllll thursday i had a run in with one of our barstools. i thought it was gonna be the standard hour long ache/pain. but nope. not this time.

THIS happened instead:

the first picture - next morning

second - around 3 friday afternoon

third - i don't remember, but you get the point. AWFUL. i've never had my foot bruise like that before - in case you can't see in the pictures, the bruise goes alllll the way around the base of my pinky toe : / so, to get to the title... needless to say, due to this catastrophe, i developed a pimp walk/gangster lean/what have you.

to summarize: i. looked. a. fool. hobbling about.


p.s. - as of today, my toe still has the coloring of that tri-soap that comes out of a car wash, but my walking abilities have returned to normal.