Sunday, July 18, 2010

oh hey.

it's been a while. sorry. let me catch you up:

i took an online brit lit class. i got a 76 overall. oops. but you know, who cares? i passed and my grade doesn't count since it's a transfer credit.

i started my internship this past monday. it's... well... underwhelming. what i've done in a week, i could've done in a day. two days comfortably. but you know, i don't necessarily want to be comfortable. i want to be stretched and challenged, to push myself so that i can learn more. the pace is slow, and though i'm a pretty chill individual, i need more. i didn't sign up to do data entry, aka make an electronic rolodex. i certainly didn't expect to actually design anything, but i did expect more than what i've experienced so far. phone calls to check price/stock do not comprise a great internship.
this past fall, i got the fantastic opportunity to shadow a design firm in austin. i learned more in that single day than i have in 40 hours of work this week.

waco is HOT. disgustingly so. it's gross.

i'm excited for october! it's going to be EPIC:
state fair

daniel tosh


my birthday


maroon 5


baylor homecoming


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