Tuesday, June 29, 2010


i. love. the weather channel.
i'm obsessed.
call me weird, but i have to know what's going on and i don't care that it's unpredictable.
nevertheless, i love that little zing of adrenaline when you know a storm is coming.
but besides loving weather in general, (my backup plan is to be a meteorologist. nevermind that i have zero training/knowledge in the field. minor details.) there is something particular about the official "the weather channel". the combination of jim cantore, l.l. bean gear, local on the 8's, and a plethora of storm chasing shows just makes me the happiest girl on earth.

and now that hurricane season is officially off and running, you know they are going to have an obscene amount of ridiculous "on the scene" coverage that i am going to eat right up. speaking of, i think i'll go check on t.s./hurricane alex.


p.s. i don't watch al roker and i think he should go back to the today show.

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