Friday, August 27, 2010

and so it begins

i finished the last first week of school of my last fall semester.
quite frightening. i'll take you through my schedule so when i reference classes later, you'll know to what i'm referring.

contract studio II - new professor. i think i'll learn a lot from her.
our first project is a mall kiosk inspired by a classic architect/furniture designer. i chose charles eames and am selling skateboards and related paraphernalia. i'm pretty excited since i've become fond of the idea of doing retail design. marketing/display/packaging/subliminal messaging fascinates me. any who, i'll post pictures of the completed project later.

greek II - gross. although, my professor may be my new favorite person. he's at least 75 and wears intricate bow ties like i've never seen. the real kicker though is the socks and sandals. normally i have a physical gagging reaction whenever i see this, but on him, it's rather endearing. and he's a grammar freak. each class he informs us of another grammatical error he hears on NPR, or of "dying" english words of which he's fond.

media photography - i die. i'm going to love this class. i'll post some of the stuff i shoot on here!

theories of family development - aka my mrs. class. i hated it within the first minute. the professor is a sweetheart, but i absolutely loath that we spent an hour defining 'family' just to come to the general consensus that everyone has a different definition.

art history - i'm enjoying it so far, so hopefully memorizing hundreds of works won't suck too bad. thankfully i have a somewhat photographic memory.

golf - another darling professor. he's from germany, so all his w's still have that slight v sound to them. i love it.

i'll be busy, but for the most part, it'll be completely enjoyable :)


ps - oh don't worry, i won't become one of those people who go on and on about their lasts. i'm aware no one cares about the last time i register/buy books/stalk people for a parking spot on campus.


  1. What is your Golf prof's name? Is it Mr. Lenz?? I think that was his name...:/ Jess and I had him for bowling

  2. media photography sounds really cool! Were there prerequisites for the class or can anyone sign up for it?
    And if your golf prof is Lenz I had him for the 3 days I was actually in golf. haha

  3. yeah it's Lenz.

    no there weren't any pre reqs for media photography! and also, you learn how to use photoshop, etc.