Thursday, September 9, 2010

go big or go home

that was supposed to be my motto for this year... so far i'm failing. minimal fun has been had. nothing excited has occurred. i had such high hopes : / i need to change that around asap.

today solidified that theories of family development is indeed an mrs class.
we talked for an hour and a half about mate selection... how are we looking for mates? do our families have a say in the matter? what different kind of "loves" are there? which of these are we seeking? i was a hot second away from leaving. since when is it appropriate to turn a lecture into a formalized slumber party? i'm sure i audibly sighed/groaned/patronizingly huffed/laughed to the point of being rude. but you know, i didn't come to baylor for this. i can see the significance of studying family interaction for psychiatric/therapeutic purposes, but really? why am i being subjected to learning the various way to select a life mate? via a lecture? from a woman with a doctorate?


6 weeks until my birthday and maroon 5! eeeee!

grammatical fix of the week via my greek professor: loan is a noun, not a verb. you lend, not loan someone something.
now, i did check, and it lists loan as a noun and a verb, so who knows.

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