Friday, December 10, 2010

my life this semester. in one blog post.

hang in there. i believe in you.

first up, my favorite class this semester. media photography:

Kindly ignore the lie at the end where it says "documentary by lauren woodruff." This was a group project. Yes, she was the one who knew how to use final cut pro best, but bitch, please. I helped shoot interviews and sat in the editing lab with you for hours helping you make decisions in your sleep deprived state. But whatever. I guess she didn't feel the need to give credit where it's due. rude.

anyway, here are a few of my favorite photographs i took:

ehhh. i'm just not meant to do contract design, except retail. anytime we had a retail component to a design, i got pretty excited. BUT i'm still excited nonetheless about an opportunity to design one of the conference rooms in the business school. i'll be coming up with a design over christmas break, so i might post that later. i'd die if my design was chosen.

done. i was TERRIBLE. and ironically enough, the only hp i could get into next semester? intermediate golf. how cruel.

i love my professor, but i am sooo relieved to be done (i take my final monday).

mrs. class:

art history:
i surprisingly enjoyed this class, except for the awkward days when dr. jensen would say erection at least 15 times.

so classes were overall ok. nothing groundbreaking.

other baylor life:
WE GOT INTO A BOWL GAME! wooo! buuuutt i'm not going to it, even though it's in houston. i'll watch from the comfort of my couch at home. i love my bears, but i can't pay to watch RGIII play with his head up his butt. when i know i could make better decisions on the field, having never played a game of football in my life, there's a problem. don't get me wrong, he's a great athlete and has resuscitated the football program, but there's clearly an issue with his ever growing ego.

i'm thankful everyday for my roomies and other close friends. i've grown even closer to them all this semester, and am a little sad it didn't happen sooner.

on the boy front: big surprise! nothing. : / i just can't handle the guys living in fratagonia. your croakies make me throw up in my mouth a little. i have faith that it'll happen when it's meant to. i'm just getting a little impatient, you know?

i have a love/hate relationship with graduation. nothing new there.
personal life:
my birthday month was INCREDIBLE
round top = eccentric things paired with even more eccentric people. the whole thing reminded me of this odd carnie lifestyle. it was intriguing.
state fair = tons of fun and the best corn dog of my life. if you ever get the chance to eat fried cookie dough, do it. it's life changing.
asid student symposium = really informative and reassuring
maroon 5 concert = too good to put into words.
homecoming = chaos. i loved it. a massive storm hit as the football game started and people panicked. some of the best people watching i've ever encountered. it was a great bonding experience.

i was oooooing and ahhhhhhing over baby clothes and my mom asked me if my "biological clock" was ticking. i gave her the "blair look". i want my sister to have a baby, not me. can you imagine me with a baby? funny.
well, i'm fairly positive i skipped over 90% of the interesting things that happened to me over the past few months, but i was "going big" and living life. i hope and pray that you do the same.



  1. Um hello you started off October with a dose of Me and Benihana and Tosh.0. Was that not epic enough to mention? I'm so hurt I'm gonna continue to put off having a baby just to spite you ;-P

  2. ahhhh! no! i forgot about tosh : / sorry.