Monday, December 20, 2010

defensive driving.

well, is there really much more to say?
long story short, i rear ended someone, but didn't get a ticket. so my parents made me take DD to lower insurance costs. that's cool. they support me, so i really didn't mind.
anyway, going into DD, you know there are going to be any number of ... characters. my experience was no different. the usual/stereotypical suspects were there. cue the visuals:


annoyed waitress:

character examples:

i kid you not. i had to do a double take to make sure one guy wasn't actually eminem.
8:50am - well, i arrive at golden corral and find my way to the back room for my 6 hour adventure. i pay and find a seat, do the double take, and tell the waitress i want water with lemon.
9:15am - the class finally starts, and the instructor starts out with his jail story. at this point, i knew this was a complete joke
9:30am - superman, well Christopher Reeve actually, walks in. someone seriously named their kid christopher reeve. why? you give him no chance. so, after the instructor and superman have a "who can act more like a douche" exchange and several superman jokes are made, the class continues.
11:45am - we break for "lunch". i ate a roll and a slice of pizza. yum?
12:15pm - i actually learn something! you can only legally turn right on red if it's curbed-lane to curbed-lane. (too bad a broke that law today. oops)
2:00pm - we take the "test"
2:30pm - done.
all in all, it was worth it.
i was tempted to ask for a commemorative group photo at the end.


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  1. you can take DD through Baylor online. I speak from experience...I've done it...twice