Sunday, February 6, 2011

superboob, i mean bowl.

today's superbowl experience has been interesting thus far....
neighbors playing baseball
last minute football food trip to ghetto heb
terrible commercials

hopefully glee will redeem the day.

but, even more interesting: my superbowl halftime experience in 2004.
it was my freshman year in high school, the superbowl was in houston, and the dance team and a few other student organizations had the opportunity to participate in half time festivities.
free concert/seeing celebs/important people/chance to be on tv?
well sign. me. up.
our job was to be the "audience/fans" by the stages while the artists performed. contrary to what one might think, a LOT of practice and planning goes into that aspect. yes... there were multiple practices to learn to be an "audience".
One practice was at a stadium in the middle of some super sketch neighborhood. we sat around for a long time, got sunburned, and got yelled at. fun.
Next practice was at reliant stadium. in the parking lot. in the rain. again, we sat around for quite some time and got yelled at with some power hungry mtv employee with a megaphone. then we stood in line for "lunch". which was either a sloppy joe or bar b que sandwich. it's hard to remember, but the styrofoam containers were sitting out in the rain and therefore, the rain infiltrated and ruined any chance of identifying/consuming lunch.
anyway, we got to watch the performers rehearse, so that was cool.
there might have been other practices, but i don't really remember. it must be post traumatic stress.
gameday -
we had to get there super early and we couldn't carry anything. welllll that's an issue when you're a diabetic. i have to at least have glucose tablets, so i carried a small bag with me.
walking in, an mtv employee stopped me and told me i couldn't have anything on me. i told her i was diabetic and unless she wanted me to potentially pass out, i needed to carry a few supplies. she told me that maybe i shouldn't be there. whatabitch. after stuffing things into everyone's pockets, we joined into the cattle herd being funneled into the stadium.
once inside, i saw a glimpse of jessica simpson, nearly tripped over the cords all over the field, and "enjoyed" p.diddy and nelly. i was on the opposite side of the field (probably being forced off already) of the infamous janet jackson boob flash.

to recap:
i got a sunburn in february
was told i shouldn't be somewhere bc i was diabetic
was yelled at to "fill in the holes" while in a parking lot in the rain
got herded like cattle
was on the field for the most rewatched moment in TiVo history (wikipedia)

so thank you mtv, for the worst experience possible, and the best story to tell.


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  1. To add to the overall Foster family drama associated with that half-time performance:

    I was sitting in my dorm waiting for the halftime show. It finally came on and I got close to the tv to see if I could catch a glimpse of Blair and her friends. What did I get a eyeful of instead? Janet Jackson's nipple. It made my eyes burn.