Monday, April 4, 2011

how to look like a fool doing something you've done for roughly twenty years.

so i've decided to change up the format of my posts. i named my blog "blair's blueprints", so i find it fitting to do "how to" posts, with a twist. it'll be a trial thing to see how i like it. so if you like it/hate it/think it's a terrible idea/etc let me know.

I've been walking pretty reliably for i don't know, 20+ years. it's been successful thus far, with the occasional trip, face plant, etc. welllll thursday i had a run in with one of our barstools. i thought it was gonna be the standard hour long ache/pain. but nope. not this time.

THIS happened instead:

the first picture - next morning

second - around 3 friday afternoon

third - i don't remember, but you get the point. AWFUL. i've never had my foot bruise like that before - in case you can't see in the pictures, the bruise goes alllll the way around the base of my pinky toe : / so, to get to the title... needless to say, due to this catastrophe, i developed a pimp walk/gangster lean/what have you.

to summarize: i. looked. a. fool. hobbling about.


p.s. - as of today, my toe still has the coloring of that tri-soap that comes out of a car wash, but my walking abilities have returned to normal.

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  1. That's not good at all. I require that you demonstrate your pimp walk the next time we are together.