Sunday, June 13, 2010

I don't do politics

but today, i just have to climb atop my soapbox and rant.

i saw on the news a few days ago that some british official is getting lip about a comment he made on the oil spill. in summary, he simply said that all this political banter, arguing, and finger pointing does nothing to help the situation at hand. well sir, i agree.
i don't understand why all these politicians are running their mouths about who's "at fault".
two examples that really ate my lunch:
  • obama saying he's going to "kick some ass". ummm, first, who's ass, and what exactly is that going to solve?
  • fox news essentially blamed it all on obama. while i don't think he's handled it to the best of his ability, there is no need to spin some sort of twisted conspiracy.

to both of these parties i say, get your head out of your butt. why not let the engineers continue to problem solve while the rest of us do something more constructive, say, like help the clean up efforts? call me crazy, but i'm sure the animals wouldn't mind a few extra hands cleaning the oil from their bodies or their homes.

this concludes my rant.

thanks for reading.


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