Wednesday, June 2, 2010

sorry guys. it's summer, so you'll have to forgive me forgetting to blog!

i sometimes worry because what i like to do and do fairly well, aren't really things people notice/can be displayed. here's a story that might better describe what i mean:

monday night i went out and shot pool with some friends. i wanted so bad to be able to go in like a bad ass and be really good, despite never playing before in my life. needless to say, i was TERRIBLE. i hit one ball in. this had me thinking: what on earth am i good at?
  • well, i'm decent when it comes to pilates, but let's face it, unless i wanted to be a freakshow, i'm never going to do that in public. nor would i say to someone: hey let's see who can hold their v-sit position longer.
  • i'm confident in my design abilities, but again, i'm never going on one of those crazy tv design shows. and like the pilates thing, i wouldn't say: hey, i bet i can "outdesign" you.
  • when given choreography, i'm not a terrible dancer, but put me on a dance floor sans choreography, and i ooze awkwardness. so despite having rhythm, i could never "show off" in a dance situation.

it would be nice, just once, to do a competitive activity well. it can be anything: pool, darts, any sport, cooking, blowing bubblegum bubbles. really, anything would be fine! maybe it's just that i'm so easy-going, that i just don't fell compelled to be publicly competitive. don't get me wrong, though, i push myself to do my best at things that truly matter to me. i guess it's just those things can't be publicly displayed?

i think my sister got all the competitiveness between the two of us. it's bad sometimes, especially when it comes to nintendo games.

oh well, i suppose the world needs balance, so i'll keep supplying those competitive natured people someone to beat!


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  1. I did get all the competitiveness. I'm sorry :-P

    However, you are really good at putting together an outfit and generally outdress me every time we go somewhere. I think that's something...