Monday, June 21, 2010

traditional role?

i've always had the classic idea of romance, but the women in my family have put an interesting spin on it. here are some examples of michalsky-bloodline-ball-busting:

my grandma - she went to a dance with a date. there, she saw another guy who she was far more interested in. she then proceeded to dump her date off on one of her sisters in order to get with the other guy. end of story, they got married.
my mom - she was on her way to a date, when she stopped by the fire station. instead of going to meet the original guy, she picked up someone else, and they had an impromptu date, driving around crosby talking. end of story, they got married.
my sister - an old friend of hers was sort of off and on/convenience dating a newer friend of hers. well, she realizes he's the one and "breaks them up". end of story, they got married.

see a pattern?
i'm not sure what's happened with me. it's not that i want to get married tomorrow, more of just being a little weirded out about being nearly 22 (yikes) without any prospects of even dating someone. i suppose it will come in time.


  1. Wait one danged minute...that's not how it happened! Well, ok was more like the following:
    *Two months straight of talking til 3 or 4 or 5 in the morning*
    Me: Hey, I really don't like you doing whatever it is with her cause well, I like you and stuff
    Him: Yeah I like you too and wasn't ever really into her. It's always been you.
    Me: Fine take care of it and then I'll date you
    Him: Ok

    GAH! And hey, the ball-busting is in you little one ;D

  2. Go hang out at the fire station! Your mom had it right!