Wednesday, April 6, 2011

how to really piss me off - education edition

i know there are going to be numerous htrpmo posts, so i'm thinking it will be smart to categorize them.
my major, interior design, is unfortunately in the family and consumer sciences department at baylor. why? i don't know. while i fully support being well rounded and taking a variety of classes, i do not support borderline/full on MRS classes. there are a number of university required courses for my degree that have nothing to do with i.d.

my top three least favorites:

theories of family development

family and individual financial management


last semester i had to take theories. TERRIBLE. one day we talked about mate selection.

mate. selection.

ummm what? really? well i thought those days were gone. apparently not.

in financial management, we talked not only about mate selection and how that relates to financial decisions, but then watched scenes from the notebook. yes ladies and gentlemen, i am a senior in college and my professor is showing scenes from the notebook.
then today, we filled out a worksheet estimating costs for having a child, from the moment you find you're pregnant. ok. i get it. most of us in the class will have a kid at one point or another. but come. on. are you kidding me (no pun intended)? i just spent an hour discussing the pros and cons of buying maternity clothes? timing your pregnancies to coincide with the seasons so as to not have to buy more maternity clothes? using cloth or disposable diapers? what vitamins are good?

news flash.



this would be completely appropriate and highly suggested as a class/workshop for couples thinking about having a baby. since i am neither a couple nor thinking about having a baby, this activity is not applicable or appropriate.

to summarize: want to really piss me off? use my tuition money to "teach" me about selecting a husband and budgeting for a kid.


p.s. the real kicker? this activity will be continued on friday (yay!) because apparently one day just isn't enough.


  1. ha! I know what you mean. I was an I.D. major for a year and just couldn't handle it anymore. I had to sit through a class one time dedicated on "what to do if your husband dies"...really???

  2. Oh sister, I'm sorry it pisses you off. However, will you take notes for me so I can cover all my bases while thinking about having kids? :-P

  3. emily - oh my gosh, really? i don't think that's been covered yet. but knowing the department, it's coming : /

    mer - i'll give you my worksheet...

  4. I'm there with you. Literally. WHYYYYYY do we have to take these classes???