Sunday, April 17, 2011

how to let karma come around and ruin chances of having any sort of love life

remember when i told y'all here about how the women in my family tend to be real ball busters? well i've been thinking about it lately. and i think i used it all up in my early years.
allow me to explain with a few examples:

i was proposed to. my best friend and i were on the playground, swinging, and this boy in my class came up to me and just layed it out on the line. i, of course, turned him down. i told him i was too busy. what i had going on i have no idea. what four year old says that?

5th or 6th grade:
a guy called me and asked me to be his homecoming date. i said no. then hung up the phone. again, who does that? AND i don't think i ever apologized.

to a douche guy my sister dated:
(i don't remember how old i was at the time)
i saw his name on the caller id one day and answered, "what do you want?" it could have easily been his parents, but apparently, i didn't care. another time, i answered the door, looked at him, then walked away. without saying anything to him. what?

so. i feel like karma has definitely come back around to bite me. not that guys are outright rude to me, like i was to them, but you know what i mean. and not that i at all feel that i need a guy to validate my life, i just think it's a funny circle, and i'd like to do this:

sorry donovan schreiber, marty kolat, daniel cooper, and whoever else i was bitchy to.


p.s. actually. i'm not sorry to daniel. i still think you're a douche.

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  1. ok first @ the daniel story:
    hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha and good for you for not apologizing. He deserved it.

    As for the rest of it: 3 examples of being bitchy to boys does not mean that karma is out to get your love life. I'm proud of you for being independent and that you know you don't need a man to validate your life. The right guy will come along, I promise!