Sunday, April 17, 2011

htrpmo - profession edition

how to really piss me off today? be and/or support this lady: she is a proponent of deregulation of the commercial interior design profession in florida, citing that regulation chokes competition and designers' freedom. please. first. you posed for a picture for the wall street journal wearing

i already don't trust your judgment/credentials/whathaveyou.

but honestly, to an extent, i understand not absolutely having to have a license to practice residential design, but commercial? really? the aim of the interior design profession is to protect the health, safety, and welfare of the public. you get someone not educated or experienced leading a project in a commercial space, there's a good chance they will select improper materials because they don't know/haven't studied codes/fire/ADA/etc guidelines. then, chances are, your building won't pass code inspection. if on the off chance it does pass, if disaster happens, the materials/furnishings/layout aren't going to help your cause or the people inside that have no idea you hired someone with no legitimate knowledge on the subject of designing a space.

i'm not sure how this lady's "organization" (the interior design protection council) got my email address, but she did. and she sent me, and i'm sure many other design students, an email directing me to her website to "learn the truth that they don't teach me in school". i gave her the "blair look". i then continued to read and saw that i could donate to the cause. i then laughed at her. again.

bologna. whatascam.

-a really worked up blur.

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  1. that is SO dumb! The regulations in commercial design are there for a reason.