Thursday, May 6, 2010

sunday drive

What could be more therapeutic than being done with finals?
having a splendid dinner with my beautiful, amazing fellow interior design majors. they make it all bearable.
because i'm in SUCH a good mood, i'm going to share a number of therapeutic things :)

first up is Chili's Reggae Sunsplash (which i ordered tonight and was my best decision of the day):
made with - bacardi o rum, grand marnier, mango, orange juice, sweet and sour, and grenadine

next up is driving through central texas.

many people hate the drive between houston and waco, but i LOVE it.

my favorite parts are

  • the quaint town of calvert
  • the section of highway 6 just south of college station where there are tons of wildflowers
  • then dispersed throughout the drive, there are these perfect little ponds, some with small decks, at which i desperately want to spend an afternoon.

the last time i drove back and forth was by far the best yet. that night before there was a big storm, so that afternoon was absolutely perfect with piercing cloudless blue skies and bright sunshine. it took a lot in me to not turn down one of the random side roads and just drive to who knows where.

luckily, now that i'm done with finals, i get to enjoy the drive again tomorrow! :)


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