Tuesday, May 11, 2010

i'll be hood forever.

confession: i love rap music.

please. hold your criticism.

i know it can be inappropriate and degrading, but all that aside, there is something infectious about the genius rhymes and incredible beats.
i admire rappers' confidence to be completely ridiculous and own it. the clocks, the grills, the obnoxious amount of jewelry. what person in their right mind would wear some of the stuff rappers do?
who else besides auctioneers can talk that fast? and with that cleverly insult people at the same time?
and on that note, who can do it off the top of their head, on the spot?

my hat's off to you rappers of the world.

with all that said... don't worry i still do thoroughly enjoy other, more classic art forms.



  1. I have a soft spot for rap music too! I always end up listening to it when I'm in the car on a long trip...random.

  2. You know what I say to this?

    Oh S*** shake that a** now move it like yo' tipsy Stop Whoa back it up and let me see yo' hips SWING!