Tuesday, May 18, 2010

it's official.
i want my life to have a soundtrack/be a part time musical.

i recently told my roommates for my next birthday, i wanted a surprise flash mob to perform a choreographed number to 'happy birthday'. they just looked at me : /
i know it is completely unrealistic, but it's hard not to dream when i have things like this happening in my life:

i was devastated when i missed this. just so happens, my jazz class got out early, otherwise i would have witnessed it.

then tonight on glee, artie danced in the middle of a mall. and everyone joined in. i know it's a tv show, but still...
is it too much to ask? wish for? dream about?

well, until it happens i guess i can just continue to hope :)

sunday i went antiquing with meredith and we found really amazing dining chairs. i'll post pictures later when they're delivered and then once i refinish them! i wish i had had a spare $600 to buy the set of Hepplewhite shield back chairs the store had. hopefully one day, i'll own a number of classic furniture pieces. first on my list is philippe starck's ghost chair:



  1. I went to baylor and was super sad I missed that too! The minister who married me, who also went to baylor, was the one who showed it to me. Good times! love the blog :)

  2. you never fail to amaze me...and I'm so in on the 'Happy Birthday' flash mob!! Jess is too! (she doesn't know about it yet but she'll love it!!)

  3. I would love for everyone in the world/my life to want to break out in dance! life would be less stressful, burning calories and releasing endorphins. what a wonderful world that would be.