Thursday, May 20, 2010

too soon?

i'm already planning my graduation trip.
though i don't particularly want to speed up the process, i'm pretty darn excited about a trip to VEGAS!(i've been once, but i was only 16.)
i'm not a gambler, but the many other experiences to be had are rather enticing.

Topping my list is the Richard Petty Driving Experience.
confession - i have a bit of a lead foot (i blame my dad)
unfortunately i don't know how to drive standard, so i can't drive the race car, but i'm going to ride shotgun :)
and this launched the idea of theme days, so here's what i have so far:
  1. if you're not first, you're last day - inspired by ricky bobby
  2. tacky college student day - think boat shoes, neon, and croakies
  3. geriatric day - fanny packs and mixed metallics required

any other ideas will be greatly appreciated!

i'm currently painting meredith and ted's new house. she willingly took the role of guinea pig, and let me design her living areas. it's the first time a design of mine will be implemented. a bit frightening, but kinda cool, too :)


1 comment:

  1. Can I say thank you again for designing my house? Cause, if you hadn't been willing to, it wouldn't have any decor at all.

    Also - super stoked for Vegas! You have to join me and Ted in our Vegas drinking tradition of getting an alcoholic slushie at 10 AM. Only in Vegas...sigh...