Tuesday, May 4, 2010

stop and smell the roses

oh wait... i can't.

my sense of smell is well ... fickle.

it's pretty bizarre. 95% of the time, i smell pleasant smells, while i can't smell unpleasant smells. this comes in handy sometimes, like when taking out the trash, because i don't smell a thing. {convenient}

other days i smell nothing, be it pleasant or not.

then... there was sunday march 28: the day that instantly added itself to my top 5 worst experiences of my life.

sarah anne and i were driving back from watching the elite 8 in houston and a wall of stank invaded my nose. i start gagging and, mortified, ask sarah what on earth is causing this reeking stench. she then informs me, that i have just experienced skunk.

whhaaaattt? whhhhyyyyy? what did i do to have to suffer this?

well, after about 20 minutes of stomach churning misery, we get a minute or two of relief. then, it happens AGAIN! and the cycle repeats FOUR TIMES.

it was tragic and was proclaimed "the worst smell day of my life".

so needless to say, i unfortunately got a lifetime's worth of skunk smell in one 3 hour car ride.
and here is picture documentation:


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